We all have questions about something new and that’s exactly what this page is for!

Do I have to be a blogger to come along?

No!! Even though bloggers may make up a large proportion of the guests, the events are open to everyone!

How do the meetups work?

Just turn up! The monthly meetups are very casual so just turn up with a smile (and a friend!)

What sort of events do you do?

Our events are split into 4 sections:


Monthly events are really relaxed. We tend to go for coffee or drinks and get to know each other


These events take place every 3 months and tend to be an activity of some kind. Think Ghetto Golf or an Escape Room!


These events happen twice a year and there are more tickets available for these events.

We’re hoping to run events with guest speakers to help you improve your blog or something in your life!

Big Birthday Bash!

The Big Birthday Bash takes place every year in July, celebrating the anniversary of January Events.

Think a birthday party but better! There will be a photographer, a signature cocktail and opportunity to meet all sorts of people!

How much are the events?

The monthly events are free to attend – just pay for the food and drink that you order.

The activities are charged by the venue’s prices and all prices are on the event pages.

The biannual events will also be charged as we will be able to bring you some amazing guest speakers (and maybe a goodie bag…!)

The Big Birthday Bash is the biggest party of the January Events calendar but that doesn’t mean that it costs a fortune!

Where are the events?

The events are held all over Birmingham – from the City Centre to Harborne and Sutton Coldfield, we want as many people to join us as possible,

I’m shy! Will there be ice breakers?

Don’t worry if you’re shy! I’m always at the venue early so send me a quick message before the event to let me know that you’re feeling a little nervous.

We also have Conversation Cards if you’re feeling a little lost in the conversation. Just pick one up and ask away!